Substance Abuse Help

Sanford House offers a safe and private environment where you will be met with compassion and respect, and help empower you to start a new life. Located in a beautiful historic home, Sanford House offers a calm atmosphere with staff that respects privacy and maximizes the choices you can make to promote healing. Our women’s only services are designed to be safe, nurturing and empowering. The Sanford House program is tailored to fit you and help you stay steadfast in your journey to a successful lifelong recovery.

Sanford House staff are trained to help you identify your strengths and create a personalized substance abuse treatment plan. With a look to the future, staff provide care and planning to assist you not only during your stay at Sanford House but also with assistance for lifelong healing and recovery support.

Get Substance Abuse Treatment

Learning how to identify when you or a loved one needs substance abuse help is the first step towards healing and a new life in recovery.