Sundays With Omar – The Duty to Remain True to Oneself…



It’s interesting to note the differences in an article like this from the Washington Post (below), and the images we see of alcohol use all over traditional and social forms of popular media. We laugh and hit “share” when we see an image of someone saying they’ll only have one glass of wine – only to find out that this one glass is large enough to hold the entire bottle’s worth. We binge-watch shows and see our favorite characters seemingly unable to speak without a cup of ale to wet their lips.


But it is harder to find, much less share images of, the stories that depict what happens when the cameras are turned off. The stories of what happens when a funny meme turns into a lifestyle. One of the great injustices of addiction is that it doesn’t always take much effort to fall into the trap of addicted consumption. It’s a disease that some individuals seem to keep at bay indefinitely, while others fall victim to the powers with near-immediate effect.


So, what is our duty here?

So, what do we do? We can stay honest with ourselves. For those among us who can and still do partake in the consumption of alcohol, we have to be aware that we all have unique strengths, talents, and limitations. We have a duty to remain true to ourselves and to live within the due-bounds of the borders of our lives. When we lose this awareness of ourselves, death becomes an acceptable option.


There are certainly things worth sacrificing and even dying for, but I hope we all agree that the consumption of alcohol should not be one of them…

Omar Flores


Click and read the Washington Post article by Kate Furby below:

Alcohol-related liver deaths have increased sharply




Omar Flores, LMSW, CAADC

Omar Flores, Sanford House Clinical Director, is tasked with developing dynamic, proven and personal treatment plans for Sanford House clients and staff members. He says, "The freedom to look at all options for substance abuse treatment and choose the approach that will most benefit every individual in the organization is unique to many treatment environments. I am excited to be a part of this dynamic team!" His bi-monthly column, "Sundays with Omar", gives his unique take on current events and media in the Behavioral Health field.