Success Stories

Taking that first step towards recovery to overcome substance abuse and create a new life is difficult when you can’t see the beauty, richness, and potential your life can have. Fighting addiction is hard work, but having that support system and a guided recovery plan by counselors who care about you will empower you to have a new, vibrant life.

Learn how others have walked in the same steps of substance abuse and have transformed their lives into ones of hope.

As the parent of a daughter with Substance Use Disorder, I am so thankful for the expertise, compassion and wisdom of everyone at Sanford House. Every person we have interacted with has been extremely caring and respectful of my daughter and our family. I have never seen an entire staff so fully committed and passionate about their work. Not only are the people amazing at Sanford House, but the home is also a beautiful and peaceful place in which to recover.


It was a blessing that Sanford House came into my life when it did. I came to them sad, ashamed, and afraid. I didn’t realize how much help there was for me in the world. I thought I was alone. The women of Sanford House guided me through recovery in an environment that was loving and supportive. Through education and self-discovery I learned how to manage my life without having to numb my emotions.

I will forever credit the Sanford House staff with my ability to rise above my addiction. My present life is one of hope and happiness; I wouldn’t trade it for anything.


Sanford House taught me how to live a fulfilling life in recovery—where for the first time ever I feel a sense of deep contentment and satisfaction. I feel like a void has been filled with more than I could have ever imagined. Sobriety isn’t deprivation, it’s the gift of a new, deeply fulfilling, rewarding life.


I came to Sanford House scared, upset and hopeless. I was greeted by the most kind, caring and encouraging women I had ever met. Sanford House gives you the tools to recover mind, body and spirit. I left Sanford House with a renewal of hope and excitement for the life of sobriety I have ahead.


If you feel a miracle is what it’s going to take to get you out of your addiction, then Sanford House is the place! The staff is amazing, this place feels like home and Sanford House provides you with the tools you need to change your life and stay strong in recovery!


Much of what I learned at Sanford House takes on new meaning as I accumulate experiences as a newly sober person. My time at Sanford has served as the foundation for rebuilding the life I systematically destroyed during my active drinking. I am so thankful to the Sanford family for the new start you gave me…