Wonderful Winter/Holiday Recovery – the Best of Excursions


winter holiday recovery

For those of us who live in Michigan, the snow in early November this year was a disappointment (at first). It did a number on our autumn color tour adventures. And the yellow and orange trees dusted with white were a bit disorienting. But the melancholy we feel when the leaves begin to change always foreshadows the winter wonderland to come. And the holidays are coming!


Winter/Holiday Recovery

If you are in recovery, new to recovery, or thinking about addressing a substance use disorder, the holidays can present a challenge. We’ve put together three articles to help you beat the blues, plan ahead and prepare. The best of Excursions:



The Most Wonderful Time of the Year (for Recovery)?

The holidays present a whole slew of stressors, including financial pressure, over-commitment and the expectations of hosting a “perfect” event. For individuals new to recovery, the holidays may also present a surplus of triggers. Celebration of any kind, be it a birthday, promotion, or end of the week meet-up, often includes alcohol. (We’re reminded of [read more…]



100 Sober Things to Do to Beat the Winter Blues

There are many wonderful things about living in Grand Rapids, Michigan. But, and there is a but, the winters are long. A lot of the awesome things to do are currently buried beneath a crazy quilt of variations on white: snow, ice, ivory, cream, pearl, vanilla, ghost, milk, cotton, sugar…. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a real issue [read more…]



Holidays, Togetherness and Recovery at the Family Table

This is a good time to talk about the role of the family in recovery. It’s the Thanksgiving week and let’s face it – holidays are wonderful, but getting together with far-flung relatives can push every emotional button. Especially for those in early recovery.  Last Sunday I had the pleasure of sitting in [read more…]





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